I found Ugandan local drink


This week has raining everyday.
This is rainy season.

My house has leaking water from roof if there are heavy rain.
This is Uganda.
Leaking occurred three days in this week.

My working place, Kabale, is placed on 2,000m high, so cloudy and rainy day is cold rather than cool.I have a sore throat today, this is early symptom of cold.

I went to shopping then I found great local drink today.



The contents of this drink is millet drink which you can drink anywhere in Uganda.

But this is KABALE DRINK!
If there are IBARAKI DRINK in Ibaraki prefecture in Japan, you will try or not?!

I will. I bought.
I think this drink is better than other millet drink.
I feel so that because of sore throat ?

When you come Kabale, please try Kabale drink.