About school lunch in Uganda


My school(Ugandan public secondary school) provides school lunch.
Lunch time is after 1 pm , by the way.
Yesterday’s lunch served at 2:30pm.
Today’s lunch was not served. I don’t know why.

Menu is Posho with bean sauce.
Posho is made from maize flour.

posho bean

The taste is neither good nor bad.
I think if the sauce seasons with sugar, it will be like a sweet in Japan.

Posho is provided everyday, so I think school lunch is Posho only.
But I heard that when school term starts, some menu are provided.

For example, rice, matoke which is steamed plantain banana, and so on.
I’m looking forward to changing sauce.

Ugandan teacher looked lunch menu then he/she complained about it.
“This is feed of livestock.”
I was surprised to hear that.
I suppose it’s a joke, but I didn’t heard as a joke.

Posho is national staple diet, nevertheless Ugandan treat like that.
Posho…cheer up!