Uganda Troro sightseeing – Troro Rock-


Tororo town, which is located Ugandan western region, have a unique rock mountain. You can climb Tororo rock. So I climbed Troro Rock.


How to get to starting climbing point of Tororo Rock

When you arrive Tororo town, you can find Tororo Rock. I headed toward Tororo from Mbale, so I walked to south direction after getting off Matatu ( share taxi).

There is a road to starting climbing point of Tororo Rock at south side of this petrol station. Please turn left.


When I asked to Ugandan people around here, he answered that office is over there so you should go to office first. After you keep going straight to west on this way for about 10 minutes, then you can find this office on your right.


I was standing outside of the office momentarily, then guide came out and greeted me. After I told to him I want to climb Tororo Rock, he guided me to starting climbing point.

Pay entrance fee and start climbing

I heard that entrance fee and guide fee is needed. When we reached to starting climbing point, guide started talking of entrance fee. First, he asked for UGX 20000 per person. (We are two people at that time.) I negotiated this price. Finally the price was UGX 10000 per person. I started climbing after paying.

Starting climbing point

Climb such road.


There are some ladder on the way.


When we started climbing, guide told me that if my climbing speed is fast, please tell me. However I didn’t whine about climbing speed. We reached top of the rock taking only less than 30 minutes. I was tired and got a lot of sweat.

You can see the whole Tororo town from the top of Tororo Rock. This climbing is easy and good view, so I recommend this climbing for traveler from Kenya and going to Kenya.


Another sightseeing spot: Meet train

When I arrived at Tororo town, I noticed a train coming. So I went back to north a little, then I took a picture. It was first time to look a running train in Uganda. There are several train in eastern side of Uganda.