Uganda Wakiso town sightseeing -Kavumba Recreation Center-


Wakiso district is located around Kampala city.

Wakiso district has a Entebbe airport which is entrance of international airplane. The Japanese guidebook Chikyunoarukikata says UWEC(Uganda Wildlife Education Center) known as Entebbe zoo. This time I went to zoo in Wakiso town. This is not UWEC.

How to get to Wakiso town

Matatu(share taxi) go to Wakiso town regularly. It takes about one hour from Kampala city. There are a lot of passenger, so you should not need to wait a long time for departure. This is taxi park for Wakiso town in Kampala.


About Kavumba Recreation Center

You should head to district office, and pass through the office building. After few minutes walking, you can find sign on the road. Then turn right to unpaved road. Keep going straight and you can find Kavumba Recreation Center gate.

Entrance fee of this center is UGX1000. This center has swimming pool, restaurants and park with playground equipment etc,. You should pay entrance fee of zoo, if you want to see zoo. (UGX3000) Swimming pool is also need extra fee.

This monument is near entrance gate. This monument create African atmosphere because zebra is hunted by lion.


About animals in Wakiso zoo

This zoo has monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, ostriches and crested cranes which is Ugandan national bird etc,.


This zoo is small but you can see a lot kind of monkeys more than Japanese zoo. When you enter zoo area, zoo’s staff will guide you. You can feed ostriches and monkeys. It is fun to feed.


Camels and ponies are also there.


The enterpiece of the Wakiso zoo

My favorite feature of this zoo is zebra. You can see zebra from inside of broad area which is not a cage. I suppose this is mini safari. When I saw Zebras noble run, I excited. I’ve never gone to real safari, so I was satisfied with this zebra area.