Uganda Sipi Falls sightseeing – Sipi Falls Tour –


There are three falls in Sipi area. Staff of Twilight Family Guesthouse recommended three falls tour which price is UGX 30000. However I heard that visiting to the falls personally is cheaper than guided tour. So I didn’t apply this tour and I walked to the falls alone.

First falls from Lacam Lodge

You can find this signpost at your left if you walk from Twilight Family Guesthouse. I turned left to this lodge because there is view point on the MAPS.ME which is smartphone application.


When I reached to the lodge’s reception counter, lodge staff told me entrance fee is UGX 10000. I beat down the price to UGX 5000. Scenery from lodge is like this photo.


This view point is nearer than view from Twilight Family Guesthouse. But this view is also perspective, so I didn’t feel so good. There is extra tour which reach to bottom of the falls. Extra fee is UGX15000, so I didn’t go.

Second falls from Sipi River Lodge

You can find this signpost of Sipi River Lodge at your left when you walk about 1 km from Lacam Lodge to Kapchorwa.


Lodge’s gate have a sign which shows entrance fee is UGX 5000. When I entered this lodge, lodge’s staff brought tour menu. There is not tour which cost is only UGX 5000, so I told him that I just wanted to enter. He approved unwillingly, then he followed me for visitors safety.


It took about 10 minutes from lodge to second falls. This photo took halfway between lodge and falls.


When you reach to the falls, you can see the falls from behind. When I went to this falls, water amount is big and I got wet by falls’ spray.

I feel this second falls is better than first falls, because I can see falls very near.


Third falls

I didn’t go to third falls because I didn’t know the way. I heard that third falls’ way is diverged from on the way to the second falls. When I went to second falls, lodge staff didn’t say anything. I suppose that if I ask about third falls, staff will answer it.

Another seeing point –Sipi Mise Cave-

This sign located on the way to Sipi River Lodge from Lacam Lodge.


There are small falls and small cave. Entrance gate is closed, so I asked a people who was sitting around there. He told me “I have a key if you want to guide and enter, I will bring.” I told him I don’t have money, then he told me you can enter via byway. After I entered, I gave him tip for soda.


My opinion of Sipi falls tour

I think guided tour is better if you are group. Because tour guide give you some information and seeing points. If you are solo backpacker, I recommend touring by yourself. Walking by yourself is good and save your budget.