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I eat Posho beans every day at school lunch. This menu is good, but sometimes I want to eat meat. Talking of meat dish, Yakiniku is famous in Japan. Talking of meat dish, Pork Joint is famous in Uganda.

What is Pork Joint?

Pork Joint is a restaurant of roasted pork or fried pork.

Pork Joint on a hill.(I don’t know the name of this restaurant.)

Pork Joint, which is reported at this time, is located on a hill, so you should climb up to hillside from town center. The location is here.

There are no sign and entrance is like this photo.


Recommend’s points

There are inside and outside tables. I recommend outside table.


You can see Kabale town and junction of forward to Rwanda from this restaurant. Some Pork Joint open from evening, but this Pork Joint open lunch time and Sunday.



There are two menus, roasted pork and fried pork. Fried pork is seasoned by such as tomato source. I like roasted pork which taste is simple.


This roasted pork is roasted enough and taste is good every time. Plantain banana is served as staple diet. And fried cabbage is served as side dish. This cabbage is also good.

Half Kirogram UGX 6,000, One Kirogram UGX 11,000/.

A variety of beers UGX 4,000.

Attention of when you order

Sometime restaurant’s staff tell you that you should wait a long time. If you hear that, a long time is a long time. I waited about two hours. Always roasted pork need time until serving.


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