I found a hot spring in Kabale district


Natural hot spring in Kabale


My host town, Kabare, has a hot spring on outskirts of 8 km far from city center.
So I went to the hot spring last weekend.

I didn’t know about exact place.
Therefore I asked local peoples sometimes, and finally I reached the place.

Amazing Google map information

I checked the location by GPS and Google Map,
I found the hot spring name on Google Map.
omukijongo hot spring
Google Map is incredible!

(But now, I can’t find the spot.)

The hot spring is located 7 km south from Kabale town heading to Katuna town which is Rwandan border.

Feeling of hot spring

Now the hot spring looks like a pond.
If it is a cool temperture, there are some steam on the hot spring.
Some points are not hot, but I feel hot spring when I sat on hot point.



I felt some sulfur smell from mud which is from bottom of the hot spring.
The hot spring as a whole smells like mineral oil.
I think the property of hot spring is rare in Japan.

Come to Kabale if you are a lover of hot spring.



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