Uganda Sipi Falls sightseeing – Transport & Accommodation –


How to get to Sipi Falls

At first you should head to Mbale which is located at eastern side of Uganda. From capital city Kampala to Mbale bus ticket fee is UGX 15000. This route takes about 5 hours which is depending on a traffic and road condition. Mbale town has a clock tower which symbolize this town center. I rode share taxi heading to Kapchorwa around here. (UGX 10000)


Share taxi took less than 3 hours from Mbale to Kapchorwa. On the road to Kapchorwa sometimes people get off and get on, and I changed a taxi once.

Sipi falls is here.


Guest house at Sipi falls

CROWS NEST guesthouse is famous for budget guesthouse among backpackers. But I stayed Twilight Family Guesthouse next to CROWS NEST. There are no reason why I choose. I found this guesthouse first, so I checked room then I decided to stay because there are not inconvenient. Guesthouse staff informed and invited some Sipi falls tour, but he is not so persistent. He is friendly and kind.


Room of Twilight Family Guesthouse

I stayed 3 beds dorm. Guesthouse staff told me that whole room price is UGX 70000, but today is not so many visitors so you can occupy this dorm UGX 30000 only.



Shower and toilet room is this photo. You can use hot water shower. Sipi is cool so hot water is necessary.



Toilet is not so clean. I used another toilet, which is located at front desk, is clean. If you want to use clean one, you should use that one.

Light in the dorm

There are no light in the dorm. I requested room light, then staff brought me kerosine lamp. This lamp makes room a little warm and good atmosphere. I wanted to charge smart phone battery but there are no power socket in the dorm. I requested charging at front desk, but unfortunately there are no electricity at that time. If you want to charge anyway, staff can take you charging shop in town.


Scenery from Twilight Family Guesthouse

You can watch biggest Sipi falls from Twilight Family Guesthouse. I think this location is good and enough to satisfy falls’ perspective.