Uganda Soroti sightseeing – Soroti Rock –


How to get to Soroti Rock

When you arrive Soroti town, you can see rock mountain (Soroti Rock).


Go to the rock from Stanbic bank. After you reach to the end of road, you should turn left and go straight along rock in your right side. Please keep going until this handrail appears.



This place is starting point of climbing.


How long does it take to the top of Soroti Rock

I climbed with sandal with heel. I recommend normal shoes or climbing shoes. This climbing way is slippery especially after raining. Please be careful when you climb up and down. It takes about 30 minutes to the top. This climbing is not so hard and good for your health.

Entrance fee of Soroti Rock

When you reach to the top of the rock, police, who is managing this rock, demand entrance fee and writing to visitors book. I saw other people’s writing on the visitors book. There is no fixed price. Generally foreigner pay over UGX 10000.

Scenery from Soroti Rock

You can see the whole Soroti town from the top of the rock. This climbing is not hard, so I recommend to climb when you come to Soroti town.




Lunch at Arch Foods Restaurant


After I climbed Soroti Rock, time was just lunch time. Before climbing the rock, I interested in barbecue set at a restaurant because barbecue set is not famous in Ugandan restaurant. I could eat tender and tasty meat at this restaurant. This restaurant is recommendable for tourist because this restaurant is clean and dished up nice.



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