My working place(JOCV PC instructors)


About My Assigned Working Place

Japanese education system is 6(Primary)-3(Junior)-3(High)-4(Univ) years system.
Ugandan education system is 7(Primary)-4(O-level)-2(A-level)-3? years system.


I was assigned to secondary school which is like a six-year secondary education system in Japan.
This school is public and boarding school.

Some secondary schools take attending together with boarding.
Public secondary schools usually have dormitory.
My school is boys school, by the way.



School’s Timetable

School’s class start from 8 am to around 5 pm.
There are 11 classes in one day. (one class is 40 min.)
In addition,there are morning(6 to 7) and night(19 to 22) classes.
I think that focusing on education is good, but this situation is too much.
What do you think?

First term normally starts in this time.
But this year have a election of president, so starting timing is changed into 22th Feb.

There are three terms in one year same as Japan.
And there are graduating exam for entering secondary O-level and A-level.


If you can’t pass the exam, you can’t enter next level.

Above all, I was surprised at these exam’s results will be appeared on national newspaper.
School ranking is also appeared, so each school focuses on the exam result for getting smart students.



These pictures are my school.
There are some slogans on building wall.
Some slogans, which can not be written in Japan, caught my eye.





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