My house in Uganda is heaven for insects


What is wasp?

Insects , which resemble bee, create their beehive in my house.
When I saw the insect at my school this week, I asked my colleague what is this insect.
My colleague answered this is a wasp.

I didn’t know the word, so I checked a dictionary.
A Wasp is not a honeybee!

Oh my god.
These insects didn’t attack me, so I thought I live close together with them.
However they are wasps….. I should reconsider about it.

Insect extermination insidiously

My house’s water supply sometimes cut off, by the way.
I don’t want to waste flush water of toilet, so I collect washing water for flush like a photo.

Everyday some insects died in the water , such as wasp, and fly.


Do Water of soap serve to dispose of insects? I asked my friends. It is seems to suffocation death by organ called spiracles to capture the air is blocked by surfactant .But I do not know still well why they are coming to soap water.


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